Chalkboards made for the opening of the Whole Foods Market Richmond store. Above, large charcuterie price menu (hang behind the charcuterie counter, on the lower ground floor). Below, multiple chalkboards to top the Mexican food section on the ground floor with a detail of the burrito drawing on the forth board.

Header chalkboards featuring the benefits of some of the produce in display.

Portrait illustration of a team member as starting point for a header chalkboard promoting the team member’s favourite product.

First scamp and final outcome for this long chalkboard promoting a supplier local to the store.

This chalkboard sheet mounted on a metal L-shaped support standing on top of an endcap is decorated with mixed media: traced and coloured lettering directly on the board + the ‘hands element’ drawn and coloured with chalkpens on a sheet of foam,
then cutout and stack on the chalkboard for added
3D effect.

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